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Executive Principal – Helen Dowds

RE Curriculum Statement

High quality and inclusive RE

In ASA, high quality and inclusive RE is provided for all pupils in all year groups. It is taught in accordance with the Diocese of York and Leeds RE syllabus and follows the expectations of the Statement of Entitlement for RE in Church Schools

We note the Human Right of parents to withdraw their children from RE.  We must comply with any request from a parent to withdraw their child and parents are not required to give their reasons for wanting to do so.  However, in view of the importance placed on RE as a core subject in a church school, we would hope that all children admitted will participate fully in RE.

We aim to provide an open curriculum which can be taught to all pupils, by all staff. Teachers are asked to refer to the Principal any questions from parents about withdrawals. We ask that anyone wishing to withdraw their child would discuss this with the Principal before making this decision.

Requests for full or partial withdrawal from RE should be made in writing to the Principal and a record will be kept of them.

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