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ASA Enrichment Offer

ASA Enrichment Offer

Our ASA Enrichment intent is to give all learners the knowledge, experiences and cultural capital needed to succeed in life. Through our co- and extra-curricular programmes, students are exposed to a rich and diverse offer that presents them with a wide range of internal and external opportunities.

Co-curricular refers to the activities and learning experiences that take place in school alongside the academic curriculum and complement what the students are learning in school, i.e. experiences that are connected to or mirror the academic curriculum.

Extra-curricular refers to activities outside the regular curriculum (usually before or after school), i.e. experiences that are not necessarily connected to or do not mirror the academic curriculum. These are on our extra-curricular timetable, available on the website.

Our Co-curricular and Extra-curricular opportunities are the two key elements that form our ASA Enrichment Offer.


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